The Imperial Order of Culture and Peace is established to recognize the outstanding contributions of distinguished men and women of their services in promoting culture, charity, arts and peace. The Order itself is to be considered as an order of chivalry by the old tradition, but also embraces the needs of our modern world that values freedom and liberty. In a fast changing world of globalization, the chivalry spirit is indeed more important as our environment and living space are deteriorating, the spirituality and morality are facing crisis, great knights and dames must show their role in such changing world. As a member of IOCP, we exemplify such noble deeds by devoting our work in culture, arts and peace.

The highly selected members of our order often have done a great deal of work for our humanity through a variety causes of promotion in charity, arts and peace. Those who appreciates lofty human values and kindness, willing to devote their efforts to restoring in a world of spirituality and morality are also invited to be initiated into the order.

Linjie Order
Olga Romanoff
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