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As a principle all the candidates to knighthood must be presented and introduced by a Knight or a Dame of our Sovereign Order. The grandmaster and the advisory council into its ranks and rewards with the high status of Knighthood those individuals following the vocational call to serve mankind, and that seeking to contribute to its historical humanitarian work. A candidate accepted for membership must pay the Administrative Costs of Initiation to cover the costs of the all process including the Ceremony, accommodation and banquets if necessary. Postulant then will be invited to attend to the assigned Official Ceremony of the order during which he/she will receive the Investiture as Knight/Dame.

Each knight will receive a diploma and ceremonial star that confirm his/her membership and knighthood.

Letters of Support and Recognitions

To preserve the ancient tradition of what is beautiful and true, the Imperial order of culture and peace refrains from the politics and strive to help the mankind to achieve peace by the classical understanding of human sacrifice, artistic expression and culture.

Recognition and Consulship of Prince Emmanuel Filiberto Savoy
Royal Patronage of House Banmu & Okomang, Ghana
Recognition of HRH Princess Olga of Romanoff

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